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Introduction to B4U Trades | B4U Group

✳B4U Trades is a subsidiary of B4U Group.

4B4U Trades leads to digital currency business (Crypto Currency) 

B4U Trades is the first subsidiary established under B4U Group in 2017 and is registered in Malaysia.

✳ Besides trading through its B4U Trades subsidiary, B4U Group also has several subsidiaries focused on

 other areas such as real estate, manufacturing, transportation, broadcasting, BMS and more. 

✳Other B4U Group subsidiaries are:
• B4U Crypto ATM
• B4U Wallet And Exchanges
• Bravo Homes (Future Property)
• B4U Foundation / Community
• B4U Cab
• RV-70 Revolt

• And several other subsidiaries under development.

✳ To date B4U Group has been registered in several countries as:
• Malaysia
• Indonesia
• Pakistan
• Cambodia
• Myanmar
• Philippines
• Spain
• Canada
• Malta and other registrations in other countries

4The founder of B4U Group is Mr. Saif Rehman, an entrepreneur from Pakistan.

4B4U Group started out as a trading company that opened up opportunities for the public to invest in the company and generate profit from trading.

✳B4U is registered in Malaysia under the company name of B4U EXC (M) Sdn Bhd (1279115-V) and is headquartered in Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur. The new headquarters will be relocated to the Tun Abdul Razak Exchange TRX building

✳In 2018, B4U group is expanding its business to Pakistan in real estate, technology and transportation. 

✳ In addition, B4U also established the B4U Foundation / Community focused on the welfare of the community which provides various humanitarian, welfare & financial assistance to those in need. 

✳In May 2019, B4U Group is one step ahead of the Bravo Homes project through the establishment of real estate company Future Property Pvt. Ltd. a real estate developer in Islamabad, Pakistan.

✳In August 2019, the CEO of B4U Group is awarded the award

The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI)

through Bravo Cab, Bravo Homes and Future Property.

✳From the B4U Trades, B4U Group has proven their capabilities through the establishment of another 


B At B4U Trades, the public has the opportunity to generate revenue with B4U Group by becoming a partner in the company.

Ahli Member investment funds managed to grow the B4U Group's business and profit from the businesses being redistributed to members.

✳From 100% of member investment funds, 60% of it is used for trading and another 40% is used in other B4U Group business ventures.

✳Because of the investment made by members, B4U Trades promises a profit of 7% ~ 20% per month and is payable continuously.

From the brief explanation above. If you are looking for 1 reliable opportunity you can trust to enable you to generate some income you can start at B4U Trades with a minimum of RM250.

In terms of return on profit, B4U Trades may not be the most profitable. But in terms of trust and 'Real Bussiness'. B4U Trades is the best. 

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