How To Start Make a Money Online With ZION-FINANCE LTD


 Simply, profitably, conveniently!

Deposits for 1 to 12 months 

 Interest accrual from 0.2% to 0.5% daily

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1-Daily interest is accrued to your balance

2-Several popular payment systems

3-Bonus of 3% from each deposit of any referral

Praise God,Am Mittiduncan from Uganda,I have been working and getting all my payments from Zion for more than a year now.I really don't know how I can show these people my joy and happiness because they helped me get back almost all the money other fake sites had stollen from me,i have alot to say but let me just end.There payments are on time and there customer care is the best..Anyone reading this,please trust them with your investments, I know you will thank me later.God bless Zion.

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How to make a deposit?

1Create a new account using website or mobile application

2Log in to your personal account

3In your personal account click "Make a deposit"

4Choose a payment system and deposit term

5Enter deposit amount

6Start earning passive income every day!

Payment of deposit

Deposit interest is paid daily throughout the term

Body of the deposit is paid at the end of the term

The interest and the deposit itself are transferred to your internal balance

Withdraw money from the balance to your e-wallet

You can make a new deposit and get more profit!

How to get a referral bonus of 3%?

Create a new account using website or mobile application

Log in to your personal account

You will get a referral link automatically , which can be found in your personal account

Invite friends using your referral link

Get a 3% bonus from a deposit of each invited friend

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